Believe in your idea!


Just because no one voted on your idea does not mean your idea is not valid.  You only had sixty seconds to pitch and were pitching against other great ideas.  If you truly believe in your idea, stick with it and convince at least one other person to join your team.  I know, it’s not easy for some folks to work a room of complete strangers, but you can do it!


In a way, what actually happened with the voting of yourt product was a market analysis of your idea.    So, stick that knowledge in your back pocket and press onward knowing that you are now one step ahead of the other ideas!  Just because you started late out-of-the gate does not mean there is something about your idea that could not be tweaked and turned into a very viable business idea.


What we learned was that a B2C product business model did not pitch well to the general population, but when we looked hard at the product offering and compared it to similar products that already existed in the marketplace, we realized that it wasn’t the product that was wrong, it was the target audience!


So, scoop up that wandering team-mate that can’t seem to make up their mind on what they want to work on…  Then, schedule time with EVERY coach that is available.  Bounce your idea off of them and listen for queues from them on what needs to be changed, and change it.  Adapt their suggestiong when it makes sense and re-pitch your idea to the next coach and so on.  By the end of Day 2 you may find like we did that you are just as excited as the other teams, if not more so!



The Cosmos Pioneer