Presentation Schedule


Our teams have done a lot of hard work today meeting with coaches and getting prototypes together for tomorrow’s judging. Here are the final teams listed in order of presentation tomorrow. Presentations are open to the public, so don’t forget to invite your friends and family to come watch the pitches starting tomorrow at 5:00 PM at IHMC!

1. techCheck – techCheck is a community-based social platform that educates parents about apps, games, and websites that their children use. Our platform gives parents an easy to understand rating system that they can use to ensure that their children are using age appropriate material.

2. Blacktop – A pick up basketball app that will connect basketball players around the community and allow them to form games on different courts around the community.

3. – Video introduction, interview and conversational app

4. UniversityoU – UniversityoU is a curated youtube powered video learning platform.

5. LazerBotz – A robotic toy that is secretly an education platform.

6. Social ICON – Social ICON provides a team of social media experts to manage all of your new and existing social media platforms. Our mission is to connect our clients with target audiences and loyal consumers through responsive and real time engagement. Social Icon collaborates with organizations to cultivate a thriving and dynamic approach to new and existing social media platforms. With our creative and strategic expertise, Social Icon generates results that will exemplify our clients and their business culture. By analyzing the insights and market trends of each industry we strive to create solid partnerships & unwavering community involvement.

7. – An easy way to say thank you for enterprise sales.

8. GELD – Digital asset transfer

9. Mammalogue – An app to alleviate the guilt of busy moms. Mammalgoue is a private, online journaling tool that chronologically aggregates photos and text and displays them year over year. It allows moms to easily see how her child has grown from this day last year.

10. TimeQuest – TimeQuest is a location-based smartphone game that leverages an area’s historical assets in an immersive interactive experience, making history fun and encouraging cultural heritage tourism.

Who will the judges pick? Presentations are open to the public so come watch the action!